Get a FREE DVD of …and the earth did not swallow him

Yes, a FREE DVD of : …and the earth did not swallow him almost. It will cost you a stamp, an envelope and a note, stating why you would like a copy. It doesn’t have to be long, a couple of sentences […]

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4 Dances by Marcos Loya & …and the earth did not swallow him film score


The CDs are here!!!! …and the earth did not swallow him film score In 1993, Marcos Loya composed the musical score for the award-winning film …and the earth did not swallow him. Written and directed by Severo Perez, the film is […]

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Odd Birds, a new novel by Severo Perez, coming in 2017.

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La Bloga Interview: Severo Perez


Severo Perez is the writer, producer, or director of several well-respected and award-winning films. Recently, Severo has turned to writing novels. He joins La Bloga today to talk about his historical fiction book, The Challengers Aero Club…

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Willa Brown & The Challengers

Chauncey parachute 3

To read more or to purchase the paperback or Kindle edition, go to Acknowledgements This book is dedicated to Connie Gipson, who started me on this journey. Beginning as an interesting assignment to write and produce the documentary film, Willa […]

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Willa B. Brown

Willa Brown, age 16 years

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The Challengers Aero Club – Chapter 1

Friday after Thanksgiving 1928, Terre Haute, Indiana Willa Brown pushed open her parents’ front door and stepped out on the stoop. “It stopped snowing,” she called to everyone inside, her breath condensing in the frigid air. “Come on. We’ve got […]

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The Challengers Aero Club – Chapter 3

As attendants wheeled Willa into the Chappie Indiana County Hospital emergency room, her arms flailed, pushing the doctor and nurses away. They heard her repeat a slurred, “Aki, aki…” “What’s she saying?” asked the doctor. “Dun’t know,” the attendant shrugged. […]

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The Mexican Independence Project

In the late eighteenth century, the vast region of the Americas known as the Viceroyalty of New Spain (Novohispania), was the most notable political structure in the Western Hemisphere. New Spain was political capital of present-day Mexico, Central America, the […]

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