Astronauts and Jellybeans

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[Short Film - Documentary]

Memorable characters and clever figures dance across the screen in this fluid presentation about the evolution of language and writing. Poetically narrated by Brock Peters and engagingly animated, the film is as instructive as it is entertaining. As the development of language unfolds, the film commands an appreciation for the power of communication and the historical contributions of many cultures to the growth of language, and to the timeless beauty, humor and eloquence of the written and spoken word.

(1979) | 12 minutes


Written by Judith Perez
Designed by Bill Davis and Mallory Pearce
Produced and Directed by Severo Perez
Animated and Directed by Dan Bessie
Narrated by Brock Peters

Distributed by Barr Films, 1980 – 1996


Cine Golden Eagle, 1979
Bronze Cindy, IFPA
Silver Medal, International Film and TV Festival, NY
Chris Bronze Award, Film Coucil of Greater Columbus

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