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[Short Film - Documentary]

Juan and Maria Adela Barrientos, a Mexican-American couple, tell how they came from Mexico to San Antonio, Texas, with their two young children and earn their livelihood by making and selling piñatas, a family tradition. As they reminisce about the past, Juan harvests bamboo and splits the stalks into thin strips to make the piñata frames. Maria decorates the frames with papier mache and colorful tissue paper to sell in shops throughout San Antonio. A family purchases a piñata for a child’s birthday party and fills it with candies, nuts, fruits and small toys. At the party the children take turns trying to break the piñata with a stick and grab the goodies to enjoy.

( 1983 ) | 16:13 minutes


A film by Judith and Severo Perez
Cinematography and still photography by Carlos Rene Perez
Original music by Marcos Loya
Narrated by Lupe Ontiveros and Abel Franco.
Distributed by Barr Films, 1984 – 1996

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